Community Work and Outreach


Acadiana Center for the Arts

In 2003,  Acting Up (in Acadiana) Artistic Director, Amy Waguespack, was asked to move her programming into the AcA in anticipation of the Phase II theatre, in order to start developing quality adult and youth programming. Now fully in residence at the AcA, we also house, developed, and run the following programs: The Summer Youth Shakespeare Ensemble, Performing Arts Initiative (PAL) in association with the DANA Foundation, the theatre portion of the GEAR UP program, year round acting classes for students ages 7-adult, weekly Company Class, for the continued professional development of company members, and starting this year a monthly Artists Salon. Acting Up (in Acadiana) Company Members have also developed and taught workshops for the professional development of Lafayette Parish school teachers. These workshops often provide tools for integrating theatre and dance into the curriculum.


PASA (Performing Arts Society of Acadiana)

Since 2007, PASA & Acting Up (in Acadiana) have co-hosted master classes with touring companies such as The Actors’ Gang, Aquila Theatre Company, & Chicago City Limits. We have also assisted PASA with other education and outreach projects with groups such as The Girl Scouts. Acting Up (in Acadiana) values its collaboration with PASA and sees it as a model of professional arts organizations working together to enhance each others’ missions and visions.


The Actors’ Gang

Since 2007 when Acting Up (in Acadiana) had the opportunity to co-host a master class “The Gang”, connected personally and professionally as artists. “Gang” members have returned to collaborate with us, and AU members have traveled to L.A. to work with them. “The Style” that “The Gang” uses is challenging and fresh for AU. They have given us permission to and encouraged us to make it our own, which we have. Soon, a member of “The Gang” will spend time in Lafayette, LA as a guest director. It is rare to meet a company that has been so generous and open, acknowledging the like mindedness and uniqueness of both of our companies.


Lafayette Animal Aid

Starting with the desire to teach our young students about making a difference with art, our relationship with LAA goes back 6 years. This year we will do the third CAT TALES & DOGGIE MONOLOGUES as a fundraiser for LAA, as well as an education and outreach opportunity for LAA. Original scenes and monologues are written based on stories about the animals at the shelter.


Acadiana Outreach - Tossed and Found Program

Beginning in 2009 Acting Up (in Acadiana) agreed to teach ten 2-hour workshops with Acadiana Outreach clients, who are in recovery from alcohol and drug abuse. After the first session one client said, “I haven’t laughed like this since I was on drugs.” Mid-way though the workshop series we were asked to continue working with the clients long-term.


The Friends of the Humanities

Since 2004 when Acting Up (in Acadiana) was approached to perform at “The Friends” bi-annual fundraiser, we have developed a relationship, particularly through our Summer Youth Shakespeare Ensemble program. “The Friends” have supported students with scholarship money each year since 2004, allowing us to keep an excellent student teacher ratio and to employ multi-disciplined artists.

Healing House

Acting Up (in Acadiana) will assist in the Healing House’s annual fundraiser:  Family Fun Day. Family’s will purchase maps from Healing House and tour to various businesses and arts organizations around Lafayette. We are one of their stops with “All the World’s a Stage & You’re On It”.


Blue Moon Saloon and Guest House

Mark Falgout, owner of the Blue Moon, and Acting Up (in Acadiana) have shared resources over the year. He allowing us to host an occasional benefit, us loaning equipment such as projectors, joint efforts such as Valentine’s Day/Mardi Gras Carnivals. We have also performed plays at Blue Moon, such as The Patriot ACTs II. Mutually we attempt to make things fresh and fun.


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